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Tim Barnes

"I was happy to see a food truck in the restaurant void between the King Sooper's shooping complex and Casian on Public road, so I stopped over and got two samosa and some garlic naan to sample the food. Literally was wondering how I had never had a samosa that light and crispy on the outside and scrumptious on the inside. I don't even have words for how tasty the crust was. 
An hour later I order dinner and picked it up. We had the chicken tikka, spicy chana saag made with coconut milk, butter naan, garlic naan, and mild coconut saag. It was all wonderful."


Curry Corner is a Food Truck which has arrived in the heart of Lafayette city to serve you an authentic cuisine from India and Nepal. As a Family-owned food truck we strive to build our name by delivering delicious meals with devotion. Let us Serve You.


Thank You. 



Monday :  Closed 

                Tuesday : 12 pm - 8:30pm     
                      Wednesday : 12pm - 8:30pm     

            Thursday : 12pm - 8:30pm

        Friday : 12pm - 8:30pm

           Saturday : 12pm - 8:30pm

        Sunday : 12pm - 8:30pm


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